Elixir Crafting - Bringing herbal healing into the kitchen.

Learn how to use herbs and whole foods to upgrade your daily beverages (tea, coffee, and smoothies) into an elevated Elixirs with wonderful healing and health benefits for energy, stress and optimal health.

Suitable for all that are interested! Improve your daily health practices and learn what herbs and super foods are best for you. Discover and deepen your knowledge and practice with these warming and cooling beverages called elixirs!

This is a wonderful workshop to introduce herbs into your life and empower you to reignite a tired kitchen or recipes.

 When: May 16th

Time: 6-7:30

Where: Rosewood + Silver Holistic Studio

Cost: $40

Please bring your favourite mug for tasting yummy elixirs!

Recipes include:

  • Upgrade your almond milk

  • Chocolate, chaga, maca milk

  • Dandelion latte

  • Medicinal mushroom coffee

  • Matcha longevity latte

  • Golden milk + turmeric elixir


Detox Your Products

Want to cut down on cost and chemicals in your house and body products? Well the bathroom is the perfect place to start!  Learn what to avoid and how to make your own body and bathroom products with Krissi Hyland, a local Holistic Nutritionist.  This class is great for the newbie to green products, eco enthusiasts and those wanting to conceive, are pregnant or have children.

When: May 22nd

Time: 6-7:30

Where: Daisy Market & Refillery

Cost: $45

 What goes on the skin goes in!  What we breathe in and put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. Krissi will help you navigate through the greenwashing and inspire you to detox your home and air starting in the bathroom. In this class we will use ingredients from plants (not made in a plant) and some you may find in your kitchen! Explore and sample these alternatives that are not only safe for your body but the environment too.

Did you know your body’s pheromones/scent language speaks through your armpits? Why not harmonize your sweat with plant extracts so your body odor becomes your perfume!  Discover the benefits of holistic dental care, skin brushing and leave with your very own customized toothpaste!

Recipes include:

  • Toothpaste 3 ways

  • Healthy holistic oral care

  • Deodorant 2 ways

  • Dry Brushing Techniques

  • Bathroom Spray

  • All Purpose Cleaner