Nourish Through Nature is embarking on another adventure!

The books are calling and I must go.

Starting in September 2017 Krissi will be in school studying functional nutrition.  If you are interested in doing a class with Krissi in Collingwood, ON or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to call or email. 

Peace, love and kale chips. Krissi x 

Past Classes:

Bubbly Tonics & Sodas: Liquid Fermentation

Double brew, toil and bubble!  October is a great month to start some funky kitchen experiments... what better way then learning to ferment your own probiotic tonics and sodas.  Taste and sample the below brews.

  • Kombucha
  • Water Kefir
  • Ginger Bug (Ginger-ale)
  • Secondary fermentation for flavour and bubbles!
  • AND other healthy fermented drinks!
  • Leave with your own ginger bug starter and kombucha scoby!



Raw Chocolate Class: Devine Art of Raw Chocolate Making

Join Collingwoods Holistic Nutritionist Krissi Hyland and discover the alchemy of dairy free raw chocolate! Did you know that a lot of commercial chocolate is chemically treated and heated so that most of the nutrients, enzymes and minerals that make chocolate a super food are lost or altered?!  This 2 hour class will teach you all about chocolate's unique nutritional profile and the best part is you get to sample it all!! 

Recipes inclue:

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolate Milk 
  • Raw Chocolate - 2 ways!
  • Nut Butter Cups
  • Goji Orange White Chocolate
  • AND many flavour combinations with superfoods and herbs!

This class is dairy free, gluten free and processed sugar free!

Homemade Body Products: Detox Your Products

What goes on the skin goes in!  What we breathe in and put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. Want to cut down on cost and chemicals in your house and body products? Krissi will help you navigate through the unsuspecting words like herbal and natural on products and inspire you to detox your home and air.  In this class we will use ingredients from plants (not made in a plant) and some you may find in your kitchen! Explore and sample these alternatives that are not only safe for your body but the environment too.

Did you know your body’s pheromones/scent language speaks through your armpits? Why not harmonize your sweat with plant extracts so your body odor becomes your perfume!  Discover the benefits of holistic dental care, skin brushing and leave with your very own customized toothpaste!

Recipes include:

  • Toothpaste 2 ways
  • How to whiten your teeth naturally
  • Deodorant 2 ways
  • Dry Brushing Techniques
  • Lip Balm
  • and MORE!

Healthy Meals: Eat Your Veggies!

Trying to eat healthier? Stuck in a rut eating the same things over and over? Are you and your family bored of the same-ol-same-ol but still want to eat healthy?!  Learn some quick, healthy and veggie loaded meals that you and your family will enjoy!  Lets get you inspired in your own kitchen this September and super charge your meals!

Fermenting in Fernie: Vegetable Ferments

Culture your own probiotics by acquiring an old skill that’s been lost in time.  Learn the basics of fermenting and lacto-fermenting. Gain the answers to questions like: Why do we want to eat bacteria? and What are the other benefits of fermented foods?

The wonderful thing about fermenting is that it is so easy.  This class is great for all ages.   Make and take home your own sauerkraut!  

This class is gluten with dairy free options!

Healthy Summer Treats

Summer is full of hot days and lots of weekends to indulge, why not keep the flavour but loose the processed fats and sugars! Come to this affordable class and learn to make you and your family some health-full treats!

Sample and learn to make:

  • Refreshing Summer Quenchers
  • Popsicles
  • Iced Alchemy/ Sorbet
  • Chocolate Avocado Mouse
  • Coconut Whipped Cream & Berries

This class is gluten and dairy free!

Gluten Free

Say goodbye to gluten! This class is perfect for anyone interested in removing gluten from their diet, people with celiac disease or who are already gluten free and need some inspiration. In this 2 hour cooking class learn creative alternatives to wheat and gluten that are fun, easy and tasty! 

If you like to laugh, please watch! Jimmy Kimmel wondered how many of these people even know what gluten is, so we sent a camera crew out to a popular exercise spot here in LA and asked people who are gluten-free a simple question: "What is gluten?"

Learn the answers to:

  • What the heck is Gluten?
  • Is this another fad diet?
  • Why should I personally avoid gluten or wheat?
  • What are hidden sources of wheat and gluten?
  • Why can't I rely on U.S. gluten free standards?

Dairy Free Living

A silly video on how to make your very own almond milk!

Did you know that more than 7 million Canadians are lactose intolerant? Nearly two-thirds of the world's adult population has some degree of difficulty digesting dairy.  This class is for those who are interested in dairy free living, lactose intolerant, or want to push their cooking skills into new territory.  Cheesey jokes but no dairy in this class!

You will learn the answers to:

  1. Where will I get my calcium?
  2. Is life possible without cheese?
  3. What IS lactose?
  4. What are hidden sources of dairy?
  5. What about organic or grass-fed or raw or goat dairy?

Clean Eating Reset

Ultimate mind, body and kitchen reset to start you off on a clean eating lifestyle.  Start this spring with a clean eating reset and learn tips and recipes to get your body back on track and maintain your health goals! This class includes a good ol pep talk on why calories don’t count, the difference between a diet and clean eating and how to create your own meal plan so you can continue to live and eat clean. Leave with a 1 week seasonal meal plan, recipes, prep and shopping lists to start an anti-inflammatory, allergy friendly, whole-foods program ideal for all types of lifestyles.  This class is dairy free, gluten free and processed sugar free!

Eating for Energy

Do you wake up groggy?  Do you crash and burn every day at around 2:00-4:00?  This 2 hour intensive class will walk you through a day of maintaining energy levels by stabilizing blood sugar.   Learn the foods that fuel our bodies and brains and ones that rob us of all we got.  Warning: balancing blood sugar may lead to weight loss, improved memory, elevated mood and reduced cravings! This class is dairy free, gluten free and processed sugar free!



Cooking with Whole Foods

Why should we eat local & organic foods? What are whole foods and why are they so awesome?   Learn easy and affordable ways to live a healthier life. Find the foods that speak to your body.  Whole food recipes will be demonstrated and sampled.

Oils & Flavourful Fats

Fact: Healthy fats = flavour! Too much focus is on reducing dietary fats. Learn why “fat free” should have stayed in the 90’s and how good fats can help you lose weight. Learn what the difference is between good fats and bad fats.  Find out how to cook, store and most importantly eat them!  Whole food recipes will be demonstrated and sampled

Superfood Smoothies & Elixirs

Learn how to make tasty nutrient dense smoothies and elixirs to feed ourselves on a cellular level.  Re-mineralize your bones with a bone building nut milk or start your morning off with an energy elixir that doesn’t give you a crash!  Superfood  drink recipes will be demonstrated and sampled

Superfood Meals

Whether it is for cancer prevention, immune boosting or detoxifying; find foods that will help balance your body to achieve optimal health.  Whole food recipes will be demonstrated and sampled.

Raw Treats

Jazz up your lunch box with energy balls and rawnola bars! Lovingly fool your friends and family with these nourishing treats! Raw treat recipes will be demonstrated and sampled.

Snacks & Appetizers

Are you looking to find more nutritious ideas for entertaining, lunches or snuggling up for your favourite flick?  Learn some fun snacks and appetizers that will nourish your body! Snacks and appys will we demonstrated and sampled.

Intro to Vegetarian Cooking

Learn ways to incorporate more vegetarian meals into your life for you and your family.  If you are already vegetarian, learn how to balance a meal to ensure proper vegetarian nutrition.  Vegetarian recipes will be demonstrated and sampled.

Vegetarian Cooking, the next detention!

It’s time to add more great vegetarian recipes to your repertoire.  Let’s explore some adventurous vegetable inspired dishes together!

Intro to Raw Cuisine

Welcome to the world of uncooking! Discover how to make delicious raw meals that contain all their enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients. This 2 hour class will nourish your kitchen skills, brain & body with new techniques to spice up your recipe box. 

Fermenting in Fernie

Learn to culture your own probiotics by acquiring an old skill that’s been lost in time.  Learn the basics of fermenting and lacto fermenting.  Taste recipes like fermented ketchup, hot sauce, salsa and sauerkraut.  Make and take home your own sauerkraut!  

Host a Group Cooking Classes or Workshop for $60/person 

With a minimum of 6 participants this is a great idea for dinner parties, girls nights, work socials and more!

Private/Custom classes include:

  • 2 hour nutritional cooking class on the topic of your choice at your home
  • Custom menu 
  • Hands-on learning
  • Nourish Through Nature Recipes
  • dinner/lunch/tasting (depending on time & theme of the class)
  • Nutrition education
  • Ingredients are always plant-based, gluten free and we can accommodate food sensitivities if informed in advance. 

*Call 250-531-3553 to book with Krissi