Morning Detox Tea

In the winter, I am all about hot drinks.  I love me some tea.  I have a hard time with cold beverages on a -23 (windchill of -35) day like today, so before my breakfast I take a moment and meditate with this wonderful warming Morning Detox Tea.

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Lemon water in the morning is a ritual in Ayurveda and Yogic traditions.  That is juice of half a lemon in filtered or spring water.  There are many beautiful benefits to lemon water:

  1. Stimulates digestion (gets your digestive juices flowing)
  2. Kicks starts metabolism
  3. Detoxifying -stimulates liver and cleans digestive organs
  4. Alkalizing (although an "acid", lemon juice is alkalizing after metabolism) 
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Supports immune function (high in vitamin C)

The ginger in this tea is very warming, balancing and grounding.  It helps sooth the intestinal tract and is incredibly anti-inflammatory!  This can help balance a green smoothie which can be un-grounding for some people.

Just thinking of cayenne makes me feel warm.  Beyond it's high amounts of antioxidant vitamin A, cayenne has been widely studied for it's cardiovascular benefits.  It aids in blood flow and speeds up metabolism.  This really speaks to me when I want to keep my extremities warm while skiing.  Cayenne or capsicum can be harmful to people allergic or sensitive to the nightshade family, so this ingredient is optional.

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Morning Detox Tea

  • 500 ml Filtered or Spring Water
  • Juice of half a Lemon
  • Grated Ginger to taste or Ginger Tea Bag
  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper (optional)
  • Stevia (optional)

Pour a 250ml of boiling water over ginger & cayenne. Steep covered for 5-10 minutes.  Add 250ml cool water and then add lemon juice.  Sweeten with Stevia if desired. Enjoy peacefully. 

Nourish Notes:

Vitamin C is very susceptible to heat degradation.  To avoid decreasing vitamin C content of lemon juice always add to warm or cool liquids. 

Tea should always be steeped covered to keep it's nutritional and medicinal qualities.  This way the volatile oils stay in the tea and do not evaporate.